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Wintent 0-180 dereceye kadar hareket kabiliyetine sahiptir. Bu sayede istenen her aralıkta kullanılabilir. İhtiyaçlara göre ölçü ve özelliklerde üretim yapabilmekteyiz.

Wintent is an awning model that has a wide application area and provides aesthetic and comfortable shading. The window is a suitable model for the Window Front. It can be used safely in homes or workplaces.

Wintent has the ability to move up to 0-180 degrees. In this way, it can be used in any desired range. We can produce in sizes and specifications according to the needs.

Our experts in the field, Turkey and Europe has the capacity to deliver services in many countries in the Middle East.
We produce long-lasting Wintent model awning with high quality materials and expert workmanship in accordance with safety standards.


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